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It is with great joy that we present the schedule for the 2024 school year for children aged 0 months to age 13


We are keeping the most popular baby activities and sessions like, Dancing in the Sling, Little Groovers and Little Messy art classes during Mondays to Fridays.


Additionally, we are introducing new classes, Kids Yoga on Wednesdays and Mum and Baby Yoga on Fridays. Kids Yoga is a great option for ages 4-6 years - preschool, P1 and P2 age on Wednesdays after 3 pm. Baby and Mum Yoga are only for babies at least 8 weeks old to the pre-walker stage. These sessions are all included in free sessions option for our Little Club members. To join our Little Club membership, find more here.  

We will roll out seasonal art-hobby sessions, young kids reading club, and STEM science discovery sessions from March 2024, during the school holidays, for age 5 years or P1 and up, we have Art camp  in July 2024. 

Our Japanese Language session and newly launched Robotics kids groups are as popular as usual, our sessions leads all have very strong academic background, Meet our Team.  For kids age 4-13 years old, there is a list of activities that you may wish to download here. 


You are always welcome to contact us at to register your interest in any particular kids' hobbies that you wish to see in the Little Plaza.   


Please kindly note the sessions availabilities are planned and reviewed every three months, please allow dates changed due to the staff holidays. The activities timetable doesn’t take into consideration possible public holidays in the year. So please allow adjust the schedule due to the public holidays. 


We look forward to another enriching and exciting year of learning and growth for your children and are excited to be part of your family's journey and look forward to creating wonderful memories together!


activities and sessions

Kid Chefs

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