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What is the "0.5 Little Steps" Programe? 

As the countdown to the end of maternity nears, many parents find themselves facing the exciting yet uncertain prospect of transitioning their little ones into new environments. We understand the importance of this journey, and that's why we're thrilled to introduce our 'Little Steps' Transition Program – a thoughtful and gentle approach to guide both parents and children through this significant milestone. This is a parent-surpervised staff lead playdate which highlights the collaborative nature of the event, where both staff and parents play important roles in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the children involved.

The Need for a 'Little Steps' Transition: Completing maternity leave often brings about questions and uncertainties about how our little ones will fare in new settings, such as with childminders or nursery environments. Will they feel comfortable? How will they interact with new friends? These are natural concerns for any parent.


A Unique Transition Experience: 'Little Steps' was designed to address these concerns by offering a 0.5 transition phase, allowing parents to be alongside their children while engaging in spontaneous playdates with similar-aged peers. This program provides a valuable opportunity for both parents and little ones to observe and adapt to new social settings.

Building Confidence Through Play: Childhood is a fleeting moment in time, and ensuring a smooth transition is crucial for both parents and children. With 'Little Steps,' parents can enjoy their coffee and chat time, fostering a sense of community with friends, while little ones explore the joy of random playdates. It's a chance for parents to observe their children's reactions, build confidence, and witness the budding friendships that may unfold.


Age-Specific Groups: Divide "Little Steps" sessions into age-specific groups to ensure that activities and interactions are developmentally appropriate for each child. Toddlers (12-18 months) and Kids (18m -24m)  "Little Steps" are designed to be 3.5 hours/half day. Staff with childcare and nursery experience. 

Flexible Scheduling: Offer morning and afternoon sessions on weekdays (Tuesdays to Thursdays), morning sessions start 9:30am -1:00pm afternoon sessions start 1:30-5:00pm. (Early opening and late closing is also available upon request at extra small cost) Once you have booked your session, you can come anytime to join the session. This flexibility allows parents to choose the best time slot for them and their child. 

Staff with childcare and nursery experience 




We now have waiting list open again from Sep 2024! All you need to let us know is your kid's age group would be in Sep and which days /either AM or PM slots that you require! 

Little Step Sessions

Sarah & Andrew

Little Steps has been a game-changer for our family. Not only does it provide a safe and stimulating environment for our child to explore and learn before he goes to the nursery, but it also offers us parents much-needed moments to involve his very new play-dates with other toddlers around his similar age. Being able to relax and recharge while knowing our little one is in good hands has been priceless. Thank you, for helping us create these precious memories together as a family! 

Emily W.

As a working parent, finding quality child actvities that fit our budget was a constant challenge until we discovered Little Steps. They offer flexible schedule options with affordable price has been a lifesaver for us! Our child loves the engaging activities and social interactions with other kids in his group after couple of sessions.  We also love the peace of mind it brings knowing they're in a nurturing environment. Highly recommend! 

Jessica S

My grandson has truly flourished since joining Little Steps. As grandparents, we cherish the days we get to spend with him, but we also recognize the importance of social interaction and learning opportunities with other kids at similar age groups. Being able to witness and be a part of their growth journey is truly priceless. We're grateful to have found such a gem in our community, enriching both our grandchild's life and ours. 
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