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Mindful Crafting Moments

Welcome to our cozy and calming Mindful Craft Corner at Little Plaza, where we've created a haven for anyone who craves some mindful moments and creative bliss! Crafting is such a beautiful way to find your zen and get lost in the joy of creating. Whether you're into knitting, painting, or trying out new crafts, our Mindful Craft Corner is your oasis of tranquility. And hey, let's not forget the hot drinks! Sip on a soothing decaf coffee or any of your favorite warm beverages as you immerse yourself in the world of crafting. How it works: Choose any craft kit from our Craft Retail Corner, priced from £12 to £40. Enjoy a relaxing craft time with us for as long as you like. You can store your unfinished items with us and return to continue your project whenever you wish. Each time you come back, you can enjoy a hot drink at a flat price of £2.50, although drink purchases are not compulsory. Invite a friend to join you for a perfect relaxing meet-up! If you'd like to bring your child along, there is a £2 charge per child for stay and play in our venue, with no time limit as long as we are open. There is no need to book in advance!


If you wish to secure a space for a big group to have craft time together, please book with us to ensure space availablility.  

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