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Parents & co-working 

Elevate Your Parenting Journey

If you are about to return to work after maternity leave or looking for temporary solution to have a remote working space with your little one, our parents co& working day pass may solve your problem. 

What includes: 

  • Unlimited Hot Drinks and Relaxation: As a Day Pass holder, you're granted unlimited access to a delightful array of coffee and tea in our cozy Little Plaza. 

  • Fresh Air and Friends: With the Day Pass, you have the freedom to come and go from Little Plaza as you please. Take a leisurely stroll with your baby to enjoy some fresh air or invite your friends for a delightful catch-up. Day Pass holders can even treat their friends to our cozy ambiance with discounted drink prices. It's all about making every moment count.

  • Naptime Made Easy: We understand that newborns need their beauty sleep. For your convenience, we provide comfortable sleeping cots exclusively for Day Pass holders. Your little one can enjoy a peaceful nap while you relax, chat with friends, or engage in our enriching activities. Rest assured, your baby will snooze soundly as you monitor them from their Stokke newborn set or carrycot. Safety and serenity go hand in hand at Little Plaza.

  • Engaging Activities: Little Plaza is more than just a space; it's a community. Day Pass holders enjoy special privileges, such as discounted rates for engaging baby activities. Bond with other parents and let your little one explore and discover new horizons. Discover a wealth of activities including a high-quality wooden baby gym set, ideal for little ones aged 6 months and older. Our kids' reading corner boasts a diverse collection of subject books and picture books, with multiple story-telling sessions led by our staff scheduled throughout the day. For our slightly older guests, aged 2 and above, there's dedicated time for kids' nail polish and craft activities. The opportunities for fun and relaxation are endless!

  • Convenient Schedule: We've tailored the Day Pass schedule to fit seamlessly into your daily routine, whether you're a working parent or a dedicated caregiver. Day Passes are valid from 10 AM to 4:30 PM, Mondays through Fridays. It's the ideal escape for you and your little one.

A Mindful Retreat for Parents and Babies

To ensure a serene and mindful environment, we limit the number of Day Passes available each day. This thoughtful approach guarantees that your visit is relaxing, enjoyable, and free from overcrowding. As life with a baby can be unpredictable, we ask for a minimum of 2 days' notice for rescheduling if you can't make it on your reserved day.

Join Our Caring Community

Little Plaza is more than a place; it's a loving, supportive community for parents and their little ones. The Day Pass is your golden ticket to join this community and build lasting memories with your baby.

Experience the Day Pass - It's on Us!

To kickstart this incredible offering, we're gifting ten free Day Passes to our newsletter subscribers. If you're eager to experience the Day Pass firsthand and explore all the benefits it offers, simply fill out the form on our website. We'll announce the lucky winners and get in touch with you shortly.

Start Your Journey to Quality Bonding Time

At Little Plaza, we're here to enhance your parenting journey, providing a space where you can connect with other parents, create beautiful memories with your baby, and savor mindful moments. The Day Pass is your key to a world of parenting support and shared experiences.

Are you ready to embrace it? Come and join us to make every day with your little one an unforgettable one.

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