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Watercolour Easter Art Print | Spring Flowers & Bunny Painting | Home Decor| print on your own | 


This beautiful watercolour print features a lovely Easter scene with spring flowers and a cute bunny. It's perfect for adding a touch of seasonal charm to your home decor, or for gifting to someone special. Order now and bring a little Easter joy to your space!



This digital art is available as an instant download, making it easy to print at home or through a printing service of your choice. Print this beautiful piece on high-quality paper or canvas for a truly stunning result. 


You will receive a digital image, a size of 9000 pixels by 9000 pixels which is a very high resolution for a digital art file. This means that the file contains a large number of pixels, which allows for greater detail and sharpness in the image.


The quality of a digital art file depends not only on its resolution, but also on other factors such as the colour depth, file format, and compression settings. However, a file with a resolution of 9000 x 9000 pixels should generally be considered high quality and suitable for printing in large sizes.


Keep in mind that the quality of the final printed image also depends on the printer, paper, and ink used for printing. To ensure the best possible results, it's recommended to use high-quality printing materials and to follow recommended printing guidelines provided by us. 

Digital Watercolour art - Easter

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